Autoencoding Blade Runner

Styleframe for Converse commision

Autoencoding Blade Runner (2016) was an art and research project where an autoencoder (a generative neural network) was trained to model the frames from the film Blade Runner. This resulted in a reconstructed version of the film 'Blade Runner - Autoencoded' which has been screened and exhibited widely. The model trained on Blade Runner was also used to reconstruct other films in the style of Blade Runner.

You can read more about the work in my Leonardo paper, my original medium post or in more technical detail in my Masters dissertation.

This work as been shown in numerous exhibitions at venues including The Whitney Museum of American Art , The Photographers Gallery , Garage Museum of Contemporary Art , Ars Electronica and The Barbican .

The first edition of Blade Runner—Autoencoded was acquired by the City of Geneva's Contemporary Art Collection.