Selected Press

2017 The Art Newspaper But where are the electric sheep?

2017 Observer AI Trained to Reconstruct ‘Blade Runner’ From Memory, and 6 Other Things to Do

2016 The New York Times Diving Into Movie Palaces of the Mind at the Whitney

2016 The Wall Street Journal At the Whitney, a Different Take on the Moving Image

2016 AQNB The future is only an extension of our past: BB9 + beyond

2016 CBC Spark An Artificial Intelligence remade Blade Runner

2016 Motherboard Deutschland Das sieht eine Künstliche Intelligenz, wenn sie Science-Fiction-Filme guckt

2016 Le Monde Quand L'ia Recree Blade Runner, La Warner S'affole

2016 Vox A guy trained a machine to "watch" Blade Runner. Then things got seriously sci-fi.

2014 TechCrunch Oculus Hack Uses Cameras And Music To Mess With Your Perception