Selected Press

2018 From The Edge Virtual realities, the simulacrum and electric sheep

2017 Motherboard The Neural Net That Recreated ‘Blade Runner’ Has the Movie Stuck in Its Memory

2017 New Scientist This science fiction trip is delightful, confusing – and risky

2017 The Independent Blade Runner, Autoencoded: The strange film that sums up our fears of AI and the future

2017 The Art Newspaper But where are the electric sheep?

2016 The New York Times Diving Into Movie Palaces of the Mind at the Whitney

2016 The Wall Street Journal At the Whitney, a Different Take on the Moving Image

2016 AQNB The future is only an extension of our past: BB9 + beyond

2016 CBC Spark An Artificial Intelligence remade Blade Runner

2016 Le Monde Quand L'ia Recree Blade Runner, La Warner S'affole

2016 Vox A guy trained a machine to "watch" Blade Runner. Then things got seriously sci-fi.

2014 TechCrunch Oculus Hack Uses Cameras And Music To Mess With Your Perception